NFT Culture Proof

1. a participatory performance on the Blockchain
2. a completely on-chain collaborative text
3. a collective artwork and crypto-native NFT series

We’re LIVE! Participate now!!!
Daily Prompts and New Drops of 256 tokens at 9am PST until Dec 14

Get Matic on Polygon in Metamask to participate.
Tokens: 64 Matic plus gas (~$110US, depending on exchange)
One airdropped token to previous buyers with every purchase

NFT Culture Proof is a 32-day Blockchain performance, where every participant continuously adds to a collaborative stream of live but immutable text, which will be permanently placed on-chain. Each day, there are “writing prompts” from artists, thinkers, and writers in the cryptoverse, which will both focus and drive the texts we produce. It is the first large-scale Blockchain work of its kind, making the public ledger an active stage for collective creativity. 

Every text-block submitted generates a unique NFT for the participant. These will also live completely on-chain, as crypto-native SVGs. They are generated in real-time to include the date, day of participation (out of 32), edition number, and your submitted text (up to 128 characters), as well as the 7 lines that preceded your own. We encourage communication and collaboration with others!

NFT Culture Proof is part of the Refraction Festival and RefractionDAO. Confirmed prompt-writers include @thesarahshow @simondlr @rheaplex @_deafbeef @sashastiles @KalenIwamoto @1nterdependence (Mat Dryhurst and Holly Herndon) @KalenIwamoto @mal_levy @MezBreezeDesign @sterlingcrispin @annespalter @CaballeroAnaMa @kzathe @isthisanart @katecursed @kaigani @ClaireSilver12 @artnome @TRANSFERgallery (Kelani Nichole and Wade Wallerstein) @p1xelfool @ReginaHarsanyi @pridesai @aGENDAdao @______jpg______ @dhof @shumonbasar @cibellecibelle

Our project is inspired by On Kawara’s Date Paintings, which attested to his participation in the world on any given day, and various ongoing projects by crypto-writers more generally. It also follows text-based Blockchain projects like Loot, Token Equals Text, Art Blocks, and Untitled Frontier, which respectively facilitated storytelling and collaboration, stored on-chain text for NFT images, generated code-based NFTs on-chain, and moved between collective writing and image-based art. We refer to our NFTs as Cultures: they are your proof of participation, proof of collective performance, proof of ownership, and proof of culture.

There will be 256 text-blocks available for purchase on day one, and another 256 added each day. With each purchase, a second text-block will be given away to previous participants. This ongoing air drop is to encourage intensive, community-oriented, and ongoing dialog. It also means that after you participate, you may be randomly selected to contribute again, at no extra cost. Get in early, and often, for greater chances at more collaboration and more NFTs!

After 32 days, the NFT Culture Proof main performance will be considered complete; there will be no more on-chain dialog or NFTs produced. But the work will continue its life along with the Blockchain. The stories will continue on the secondary NFT market, with performance histories, in art collection legacies, and through as-yet-unknown ad-hoc communities and dialogical exchange.

Further details

NFT Culture Proof will launch November 11, 2021 at 9am PST, and the contract will freeze at 5pm PST on December 12. Participants first purchase Culture Proof Tokens (CPTs), then use those to submit a text-block at any time within the 32 days. One token = one text block = one NFT. An additional 256 tokens are available for purchase each day, and one is gifted (air dropped) back to the collective with each purchase. This means the maximum possible number of text-blocks and NFTs – if all tokens are purchased and used – is 16,384. You can buy as many CPTs as you like and are available, and each purchase increases your probability of getting a free token. All our NFTs are ERC-721 compliant and immediately compatible with OpenSea: they are yours to sell, trade, or gift as you see fit. They will first appear on the hidden tab there, since we are a small account. See more about How it Works.

NFT Culture Proof is on Polygon (purchased with Matic crypto-currency), a side-chain to the Ethereum Blockchain. Polygon is affordable, proof of stake (low energy and low gas fees), and interoperable with Ethereum (there will be a bridge for re-mapping Culture Proof NFTs there, but gas costs will vary given all the on-chain data storage). It will be priced to play, and own at 64 Matic.

NFT Culture Proof is a project by veteran networked performance artists Nathaniel Stern and Scott Kildall, who together brought the world (er, universe?) Wikipedia Art and Tweets in Space.

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